Three Months in South America: A Packing List

What do you bring on a 3-month backpacking trip going through dozens of different microclimates?

Unfortunately I don’t know.. I haven’t been yet.

BUT after much research and drooling at the REI Labor Day sale, I think I’ve got a good idea of what to bring. I’ll update you after I come back about how well this worked for me.

My little bean, all packed up (Osprey Farpoint 40L)


1 x 40L Osprey Farpoint + 15L Daypack

4 x packing cubes

1 x compression bag


1 x hiking pants

1 x quick dry t-shirt

3 x cotton t-shirts

1 x tanktop

2 x athletic leggings

1 x flannel (which I’m wearing almost everyday at the moment lol)

1 x crew neck sweatshirt

1 x Northface Denali

1 x rainjacket

1 x jeans

1 x dress

1 x tights

1 x shorts

1 x comfy pants (for sleeping)

7 x underwear

1 x normal bra

2 x sports bras

1 x swimsuit

Classic travel blogger shot

1 x travel towel


1 x Vasque hiking boots (Mine are not waterproof. Maybe I will regret this, but I live in California.)

1 x Vans UltraRange Rapidwelds (Classic vans look, running shoe weight and feel. The best shoes ever!)

1 x flip flops

2 x hiking socks

4 x regular socks


1 x phone + charger

1 x portable battery + charger

1 x headphones

1 x selfie stick (lol)

1 x headlamp


1 x ziploc baggie of makeup: makeup wipes, mascara, lipstick and eyeliner

1 x baggie toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, eyebrow scissors and tweezers

1 x bottle Dr. Bronner’s soap

1 x first aid kit

1 x my retainer (if I lose this I’ll scream)

1 x essential oil set (aka skincare)


1 x Rayban Wayfarers

1 x waterproof phone case

1 x earplugs

1 x eye mask

1 x inflatable travel pillow (listen, I bought this from a 1€ store in Madrid two years ago and it’s STILL GOING STRONG. Might be stained with my drool though.)

1 x wallet

1 x 20 oz. Camelbak water bottle

1 x fanny pack (don’t hate)

1 x money belt (I’ve heard mixed things about these. I’m not sure I’ll use it, but just in case.)

1 x knee brace

1 x Fjallraven Kanken

12 x Cliff bars (for the W-trek, which I’m doing in month 1)

1 x small jar of peanut butter (also for the trek)

2 x sets of photocopies of my passport, credit cards, travel insurance, yellow fever card, and driver’s license, stored in ziploc bags.



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